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Reliable, Dedicated, and Hardworking

Mike proved himself to be very reliable, dedicated, and hardworking – I recommend him without reservation.

~ M. G.

An Absolute Pleasure

Mike was an absolute pleasure to work with. His hard work ethic and accountability gave him an edge and he was always quick to research a problem and stopped at nothing to find a solution. And while extremely professional, Mike was able to bring a lighthearted feel on a daily basis. ~ L. T.

A Better Customer Experience

Mike worked with us to create a better customer experience. He played a critical role in empowering us and constantly sought out opportunities for feedback. ~ P. M.

Clear, Confident, Engaging, and Enthusiastic

Mike critically thinks through problems and is able to leverage strategic thinking to problem solve opportunities and process gaps. He is clear, confident, engaging, and enthusiastic.

~ D. M. 

Great job!

Thank you for your tremendous work and impact. Your hard work and effort is truly appreciated. Great job!

~ M. M.

Thank You for your Patience and Expertise

Thank you for your patience and expertise. When presented with challenging situations, you did not waiver and kept the discussion focused, frank, and moving forward in a holistic light. I appreciate your efforts and sincerely applaud you for a job very well done. Thank you for your time and efforts.

~ D. R.

Very Personable, Smart, and Dedicated

I've found Mike to be very personable, smart, and dedicated. He has the determination, skills, and capabilities. ~ M. M.

An Asset!

Mike is great and an asset! He is consistently pleasant, tackling all, with dedication and a smile. He demonstrated a wonderful initiative and a positive attitude toward accomplishment. Besides being a joy to work with, Mike is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. ~ B. G.

Determined and Focused

I found Mike to to be hard working, determined, focused, professional, and a team player. Consistent dedication to his work was clearly evident. ~ M. G.

Excellent Performance and Communication Skills

Mike’s excellent performance and communication skills helped demonstrate his intelligence, work ethic and determination necessary to be successful in real estate. He has proven himself to be an asset and his quality of work consistently ranks at the top. Among Mike’s strongest skills is his ability to manage time well and consistently prioritize multiple duties. ~ C. J.

Honesty, Integrity, and a Steadfast Commitment

Mike possesses an excellent work ethic as well as those intangible characteristics - honesty, integrity, and a steadfast commitment to doing what is right. ~ K. S.

Kept Us Informed and Happy!

Mike ensured the deal was fair and equitable. He explained everything to us, helped us throughout the whole process, and was proactive during all phases. We cannot recommend him highly enough! ~ L. S.

Specifically Tailored

His approach is specifically tailored to the clients' needs so different than other coaches one approach fits all. I promise you that you will be happy you connected with him. ~ E. M.

Integrity and Work Product

Based on Mike's work ethic, integrity, and work product, I offer him my highest recommendation. ~ S. Z.

Works Hard to Exceed your Expectations

If you want someone who will listen carefully to your wish list and work hard to exceed your expectations then Mike should be your choice! ~ D. M.

Honest, Fair, and Motivated

Mike is honest, fair, and motivated. ~ D. C.

The Best!

He’s the best! ~ A. E.

Pleasure Working Together!

It was a pleasure working with you on this - we definitely had bumps in the road, but in the end, good, open communication was key. Honestly, when working with a new firm or partner, I worry as typically the experience deteriorates into a mess of finger pointing. I saw nothing but the opposite working with you. Thank you again, it was a pleasure working together! ~ C. M.

Thank You!

I cannot thank you and your team enough for all of your hard work. ~ S.W.

Thank You So Much for All Your Hard Work!

Thank you so much for all your hard work! Thank you for all you did. ~ M.P.

Brings Out The Core Points

Mike does a super job bringing out the core points of someone’s story for our greatest benefit. Thanks Mike! ~ C.S.

Excellent Job

Mike did an excellent job bringing the best out of the guest. ~ S.A.

Feels Like an Old Friend

Mike is a wonderful host. He makes his guest feel as though they are old friends. I loved being a guest on his podcast.

~ S.B.


Brings Out The Best 

Mike is a fantastic host and truly brings out the best in his guests.

~ B.R.

Thoughtful and Interesting 

Mike is an incredible host. He asks thoughtful and interesting questions that help you to get to know the guest in unique ways.

~ F. A.

The Real Deal

Mike Solitro is the real deal. He does his homework and his level of intelligence reads through his interviews. These are insightful conversations with alacrity. The format is magnetic and you will com me away energized and connected with the story from each of Mike’s guests. Not to miss! ~ S. G.

Highly Recommend

Mike has something pretty amazing in store for you with this podcast. Each episode features engaging conversations with insightful guests on a mission to bring value to your world. Definitely a podcast worth sinking your teeth into and catching up on episodes you’ve missed. Highly recommend! ~ J. C.


Right To The Heart Of The Matter

I love Mike’s 12 question, 30 minute format. He gets right to the heart of the matter with his guests, so you can obtain their expertise quickly and get to what’s essential, applying action to what you’ve learned. Check it out! ~ B. A.

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