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Sought: Financial Freedom

Challenge: Our team closed 175+ properties a year, but I started to run out of time with my family and for myself. I would pursue every lead and was just one of the team, and not the leader they needed.

Solution: We scheduled everything, tracked all of our numbers, and leveraged proven systems. Now we focus on both the long run and eliminate lower value ROI in the short term.

Outcome: Now I know when to lead. We keep more revenue by maximizing our return and eliminating low value activities.

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Sought: Time Freedom

Challenge:  We were always working and had little control over our appointments. Work disrupted our personal lives, and our family time together. We had no work/life separation and often, it all bled into one. We saw a 300%  revenue increase over 5 years, but we knew we couldn't keep it up or we would burn out.

Solution: We systemized everything and better utilized our team. We focused on responsibility and accountability. We track (and improve) everything now and we are as accountable to our team as they are to us, a 100% partnership.

Outcome: Our business has never generated more revenue. We have plenty of family time (dinner together most nights!), and our agents are empowered, happy, and flourishing.

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Sought: Location Freedom

Challenge: I was focused on making the most money I could. I regularly  worked 80+ hours a week. Work hurt  my marriage, as well as my relationships with friends and family. I was tied to my phone, my desk, and my car.

Solution: I implemented systems to earn more consistent and predictable results. I rebuilt my team, constantly trained and supported them, and most importantly, empowered them. We focused on accountability, money spent, and we looked at our business like an investment and an asset. Now I lead our team instead of micromanaging it.

Outcome:  I learned how to optimize revenue and reduce expenses. I kept my favorite activities and delegated and/or eliminated everything else. I fell back in love with real estate. We 4x earnings by doubling our team with the right people, the right systems, and accountability for all.

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